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The walls and decor in your home are the background for living your life.  When the decor in your home is right you feel good living there.You may not realize how the colors and textures in your home affect you until you finally tell yourself that youve just got to make a change.  Once you start living in your refinished spaces you are amazed at the difference you feel.

   When you do decide to give your home a new attitude, we can help you find that perfect background so you can live the kind of life at home that makes you happy and content.   We specialize in helping you design your own space that is perfect for you, and create finishes that add value to your home and make you love the place you live 

Reclaim your kitchen cabinets, vanities, and woodwork!

We believe in doing things right the first time. We specialize in the fine art of cabinet refinishing, painting, re-spraying and wood finishing. If you have a tired looking kitchen and are thinking of replacing it, think twice. We have salvaged hundreds…







What is ReSpraying?

ReSpraying is the act of taking your old, tired, worn, or out-of-date wood kitchen cabinets and giving them a brand new look by spraying them with a new coat of paint .


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